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Workshop Welding Machines

PolyWorkshop315/90 LF
(WHG315 90-315mm)
PolyWorkshop12 LF
(3" to 12" IPS - 3" to 10" DIPS)
PolyWorkshop450/160 CNC LF
PolyWorkshop18 CNC
(6"-18" IPS / 160-450mm)
PolyWorkshop630/24 CNC LF
(WHG630 315-630 / 24-12)
PolyWorkshop24 CNC LF
(12" to 24" IPS)
PolyWorkshop800/500 CNC LF
(WHG800 500-800mm)
PolyWorkshop800/355 CNC LF
(WHG800/355 355-800mm)
PolyWorkshop1000/500 CNC LF
(WHG1000 500-1000mm)
PolyWorkshop1200/630 CNC LF
(WHG1200 630-1200mm)
PolyWorkshop48 CNC HF
(20" to 48" IPS)
PolyWorkshop48 CNC LF
(20" to 48" IPS)
PolyWorkshop54 CNC HF
(24" to 54" IPS)
PolyWorkshop63 CNC HF
(36" to 63" IPS)
PolyWorkshop1600/1000 CNC LF
(WHG1600/1000 Y Clamp ready)
PolyWorkshop2000/1400 CNC LF
(WHG2000/1400 Y Clamp ready)
PolyWorkshop3600 CNC LF
(1600-3600 / 63"-142" Bends)


PolyWorkshop800/500 CNC LF

Hydraulically operated workshop machine for the butt-welding of pipes and fittings in PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials. CNC operation provides correct parameters for every weld.
Pivoting clamps allow for the fabrication of segmented bends of different radii. Included as standard with this machine are all clamps required for the production of bends from 500mm to 800mm OD. Optional clamps allow production of 90 degree equal tees and crosses 500mm to 800mm, and 45 and 60 degree branch tees 500mm to 800mm.
CNC touch-screen control of welding cycle is standard.

Technical Specifications

  • CE approved by SGS www.sgs.com
  • Welding range 450 to 800 mm SDR 11 to DR 41.
  • Bend clamps allow production of segmented bends diameter 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 and 800mm OD.
  • Tee clamps produce 90 degree equal tees and crosses 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 and 800mm OD.
  • Wye / branch tee clamps produce true-Y, 45 and 60 degree equal Y-branch tees 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 and 800mm OD.
  • CNC touch-screen control of welding operations and integral data logger are standard.
  • German hydraulic seals.
  • 400 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (50.9 kw 79 A). Optional 60 Hz also available.
  • Genuine 2 year warranty on parts
  • Total cylinder area: 31.17cm2
  • Please note technical specifications of Worldpoly machines may change without notice