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Worldpoly250 Hire

Worldpoly250 hydraulically operated butt-welding machine suitable for PE and PP pipes and fittings from 50 to 250mm OD. Excellent design and construction provides a premium machine for welding both on the worksite and in the factory. The use of high quality pressure-cast Aluminium castings allows for lower weight without compromising strength and performance, while providing extra strength when welding out-of-round pipe. Welding can be carried out between clamps 3 & 4 for tees, bends and manifold work. Can be immediately integrated with optional data logger.

Technical Specifications

  • Welding range 50 to 250mm: SDR 9 (PN20) to SDR 41 (PN4) according to DVS 2207-1, ISO 21307 and POP003 low-pressure specifications.
  • Complete and ready to weld.
  • Machine can be supplied with any combination of liner diameters.
  • Layer clamps: 250x225, 225x200, 200x180, 180x160, 160x140, 140x125, 125x110, 110x90, 90x75, 75x63 & 63x50.
  • Optional Aluminium or steel stub end device for welding end fittings
  • 230V 50/60 Hz, 3.95kW, 17.2 Amps. Machines supplied from Australia will have a 20Amp plug installed.
  • Requires generator minimum 5 KVA. Provide full machine details to generator supplier before purchase.
  • Total weight 166kg