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PolyForce630/24 CNC Track

Worldpoly PolyForce630/24 CNC Track Fusion Machine. Manufactured in Australia.

Arguably the fastest, safest, most consistent butt welding machine available. Thanks to 3 years of research and development with Bosch Rexroth and Worldpolys' nearly 60 years of PE pipeline experience, every weld is the same. PolyForce630/24 CNC gives you complete control over welding by virtually removing operator variables.

Includes all features in the PolyForce630 Trench, as well as:

Three speed rubber tracks.

Cordless and corded remote control.

External pipe lifters.

Technical Specifications

  • PolyForce630/24 Tracked HDPE Fusion Machine - Australian Made
  • Track mounted. Self contained and self propelled
  • Genuine 5 year International warranty
  • CNC welding according to the following Standards:
  • - ISO 21307-2011 Single Low Pressure
  • - ISO 21307-2011 Dual Low Pressure
  • - ISO 21307-2011 Single High Pressure
  • - POP003 Single Low Pressure
  • - POP003 Dual Low Pressure
  • - POP003 Single High Pressure
  • - DVS 2207-1-2007
  • - WIS 4-32-08 Single Pressure Welding
  • - WIS 4-32-08 Dual Pressure Welding
  • - WIS 4-32-08 UKWIR Fastweld
  • Hydraulic in/out facing tool and heating plate with crash protection. No longer are these considered consumables
  • Hydraulic open/close/locking of main clamps without operator contact. Impossible to crash main clamps with facing tool and heating plate.
  • Kubota on-board, low-noise, low fuel consumption 1500 RPM generator. 65 dB at operator position
  • Simple operation. Automatic or manual butt fusion. 5000+ weld data logging included. 3.5 second changeover time for 630mm (24") SDR 11 in Automatic mode
  • Bosch Rexroth hydraulics - locally serviceable. Remote communication options using GSM, Satellite and Bluetooth. GPS compatible
  • Pipe clamps prevent slippage even under extreme conditions, which is detected by the machine in case of undersized pipe
  • External hydraulic pipe lifters front and rear
  • Industry Standard track assembly, Bridgestone rubber tracks, three-speed, 30+ degree capacity, automatic braking when stopped
  • Butt welding unit easily removed for site and trench work
  • Long operating time thanks to 1500 RPM low-noise diesel - 18 to 25 hours under normal welding conditions
  • Built tough, locally serviceable, low-noise. Just what you've been looking for
  • Clamp options:
  • Capacity 225 to 630mm OD. Includes two-piece clamp inserts for pipe and fittings diameters 630, 560, 500, 450, 400, 355, 315, 280, 250 & 225mm, and stub device, are included.
  • Alternatively, capacity 8" to 24" IPS. Two-piece clamp inserts for pipe and fittings diameters 24", 22", 20", 18", 16", 14", 12", 10" & 8", and stub device, are included
  • Electric start with remote start and fuel gauge on operator side
  • Welded steel machine frame and tracked base
  • Wired remote control. Optional wireless remote with drop and tilt protection
  • Rated lifting points on welding machine and frame, optional spreader bar
  • Maximum pump operating pressure - 200 bar / 20 MPa
  • Total cylinder section - 3660mm2, 7200mm2 or 13,000mm2
  • Fuel capacity - 70 litres
  • Engine - Kubota 2216 cc, 4 cylinder turbo, 1500 RPM low-noise diesel. Tier 4 for North America.
  • Weight - 3400 kg
  • Technical specifications subject to change without notice. Please check at time of order confirmation.