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PolyForce1000/40 CNC Trench

Worldpoly PolyForce1000/40 Trench.

High and low pressure welding.

Hydraulic open/close/locking clamps with crash protection.

Tracked, AllTerrain or Trench.

Intuitive CNC or manual control. 2000 weld data logging when selected.

Hydraulic open/close heating plate and facing tool.

Bosch Rexroth hydraulics for easy local service.

Weld between clamps 2 & 3 or 3 & 4.

Australian engineered, the toughest and arguably most easily operated machine on the market.

PolyForce1000/40 reduces welding time and workload on remote sites, allowing faster, more efficient welding of PE and PP pipelines. Under the correct site conditions, high pressure welding of PE pipe can reduce welding time by up to 50%.

Practical design with the ability to weld at both high and low pressure, manual or CNC operation, hydraulically lifted facing tool and heating plate, hydraulic controls and pump all on-board the main frame. Hydraulic open/close/locking of pipe clamps - with crash protection and without operator contact during operation. Easy trench welding, supplied complete and ready to weld from 500 to 1000mm or 20" to 40" diameter pipes and fittings between clamps 2 & 3, or 3 & 4 for tight work, plus high quality and sturdy construction provides an excellent machine for pipeline welding.

Born from more than 50 years and three generations of experience with PE pipe, and having clients in more than 100 countries, Worldpoly manufactures the PolyRover and PolyForce range to provide a single platform for welding, according to high and low pressure standards.

Worldpoly PolyForce1000/40 Trench is specifically designed for use in rugged and remote terrain, available in tracked, wheeled or trench options, easily operated CNC or manual control with operator safety well considered, and is pre-wired for the attachment of Worldpoly or other data loggers.
Standard pricing includes all diameter clamps and stub device.

Technical Specifications

  • As PolyForce1000 AllTerrain, without trolley