ATS4000 - Electrofusion - Worldpoly


(16 to 180mm)
(16 to 400mm)
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(16 to 630mm )
ATS High Power
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MultiClamp180 T
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(16 - 63mm)
(Up to 500mm)



The ATS4000 welding unit has been designed specifically to weld large diameter fittings, those above 630mm.
These fittings have long weld times and high welding currents, so the unit has heavy-duty electronics, easily capable of these demanding conditions.
The unit is built in a strong metal case with forced-air cooling to allow multiple fittings to be welded in quick succession.
The unit has full data logging capabilities and can weld in manual or automatic bar code operation.
It has a unique “fast weld” mode, allowing bifilar fittings to be welded concurrently, halving the installation time.

This is a high-power electrofusion welding unit designed to join PE Storm Water pipes from 500mm to 4000mm that are manufactured by Krah and Polypipe Ridgistorm-XL.

It has been designed with reliability in mind and has been constructed with heavy duty electronics with forced air cooling to allow multiple pipes to be welded in quick succession.

For larger diameter pipes, two, three or four machines can be used simultaneously without causing interference.

It can weld in manual mode and bar code mode, and has a data log memory of more than 2000 welds that can be downloaded using USB memory.

Technical Specifications

  • Approvals - ISO 12176-2
  • Operating Modes - Manual, Bar code
  • Controlled Welding Voltage - 39.5 V (8 V to 48 V)
  • Welding Current - 1 to 120 A
  • Supply voltage - 110V or 230V (40-60Hz)
  • Supply current - 1-63A (110V) 1-32A (230V)
  • Supply power - 7400 W
  • Weight - 42 kg
  • Size - 50 x 43 x 24 cm
  • Operating temperature - 15C to +50C
  • Programmable maintenance
  • Waterproof / Dustproof to IP65
  • Backlit four line display
  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • Multi-lingual intuitive menu
  • Configurable operation
  • Ohms, Volts, Amps meters built in
  • Fusion time and energy displayed
  • Manual entry of fusion time option
  • Bar code entry of fusion time
  • Bar code pen - optional
  • Bar code scanner
  • Temperature compensation
  • Data log memory (2048 welds)
  • Data download to USB memory
  • Software upgrade from USB memory
  • Data download PC software
  • Read traceability codes
  • Operator welding pass
  • Wireless Email and SMS Text - optional
  • GPS Location Logging - optional
  • Mobile phone App compatible
  • Technical details are subject to change without notice