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Data Loggers

SPG 2.0 Data Logger
(All Worldpoly Machines)
WPD DataMaster
(All Worldpoly Machines)

WPD DataMaster

A Data Logger for fast, accurate monitoring and recording of weld values under DVS and POP003 both low and high pressure welding.
The Data Logger can be universally used with any Worldpoly butt-welding machine and with all hydraulically operated machines.
It is possible to capture all the data needed to evaluate the quality of a welding operation (including plate temperature) and to transfer them to a printer or a PC.
Memory holds up to 1000 weld cycles, and provides a good weld / bad weld advice for each weld.

Technical Specifications

  • Programmed for DVS welding standard
  • Input Voltage 100 volts - 260 volts, Input frequency 40-80Hz
  • Weight approximately 4kg
  • Dimensions 24 x 200 x 250mm
  • Box Protection IP54
  • Report capacity: 1000 welding operations
  • Multilingual menus and reports
  • Pressure sensor 100 bars or 250 bars, as selected
  • Convenient carry case
  • Technical specifications may change without notice