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Debeader Internal 410-610mm
(410 - 610mm ID)
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Debeader Internal 410-610mm

Manual bead removing equipment for internal beads from 410mm to 610mm ID (500mm to 630mm OD). Internal debeader for removing the weld bead in PE and PP plastic pipe.

After adjusting the internal debeader to the appropriate size, insert it into the pipe until you feel a "bump", then turn the handle clockwise 360 degrees and pull it out along with the bead. Note that debeading must be completed within the first 1/3 of the weld cooling time.

Technical Specifications

  • Used to remove internal weld bead, following butt welding
  • Options available:
  • 500 to 630 mm cutter head and 3 supports + 1 pipe-end support
  • 500 to 630 mm. cutter head (ex support)
  • 500 to 630 mm. Internal Debeader Blade
  • Rod 4 x 3 m + joint (Rods can be assembled to debead pipe up to 25m in length by using addittional rods)
  • Above 630mm on request
  • Made in Denmark
  • Please note technical specifications of Worldpoly machines may change without notice